Van Gogh & Japan Challenge winner revealed

words by Phil Grabsky

“It’s so natural to make an exhibition about Van Gogh and Japan because he himself said that it was his biggest source of inspiration”

Co-curator Louis van Tilborgh

In celebration of our latest film Van Gogh & Japan, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN has been inviting audiences far and wide to share their artwork and tell us what influences them. In the past weeks, my team has received an impressive number of submissions from countries such as Wales, Indonesia, Poland and New Zealand. From lifelong professionals to budding creatives of all ages – our youngest entrant was just 15 months old! – I am delighted with the enthusiasm the challenge has received.

It has not been easy picking a prize winner and over the past week we have been sharing some of our other favourites on the EXHIBITION ON SCREEN Facebook and Instagram sites because we felt they all deserved some recognition. Shirley’s painting was much appreciated for the joy and exuberance she brought to the canvass. We found her story about the Miss Hon Festival in Hampden, Maryland, utterly charming. Aleksandre’s submission was truly impressive and his admiration for Van Gogh was so evident in his work. We also loved Barbara’s beautifully colourful and creative painting of the iconic Carreg Samson in Pembrokeshire.

In the end – and it was difficult – we chose a submission from Philippa Webb, a naïve artist based in Queensland, Australia. Philippa had the following to say about her work and what inspires her:

“This painting depicts my local (famous) park in Queensland, Australia on a Sunday, with so many people enjoying the park in different ways. A vintage car rally is circling the park while the Scottish band plays. I hope you enjoy my painting, it invariably brings a smile to the faces of viewers!”

Winning submission by Philippa Webb

Philippa’s artwork certainly brought a smile to the faces of our team 10,000 miles away in Brighton, England. We love the energy and playfulness she has brought to her painting, inspired as she clearly was by the lively characters in her local park.

I’d like to give my personal thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their art, tell their friends and otherwise support the Van Gogh & Japan Challenge. A huge congratulations to prize winner Philippa (who wins a Van Gogh & Japan exhibition catalogue and tickets to see the film when it comes to Australia this November), our three runners-up and everyone else who has taken part!